rahul gandhi on anil ambani | राहुल गांधी से टकराए अंबानी । कांग्रेस ने खोल दी पोल ।

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rahul gandhi on anil ambani

rahul gandhi president of congress party exposes bjp and anil ambani .


rahul gandhi on anil ambani

rahul gandhi on anil ambani In a letter to Congress President Rahul Gandhi in December a year ago, extremely rich person businessperson Anil Ambani helped the Congress scion to remember the heritage of his late dad Dhirubhai Ambani, the Indian business magnate. The independent businessperson’s account of how he went ahead from functioning in an oil pump to establishing India’s biggest business house, Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is broadly known in India.

The primary motivation behind Anil Ambani’s letter was to legitimize his organization Reliance Defense’s certifications for being picked as the Indian accomplice for a joint endeavor with French Defense major Dassault in the Rafale bargain among India and France.

The letter was sent after Rahul Gandhi, amid the Gujarat Assembly decisions crusade, blamed the Modi government for favoring Anil Ambani’s organization in the Rafale bargain. Rahul Gandhi had requested that PM Modi clarify his “Dependence on somebody with nil involvement in aviation for the Rafale bargain?”

Through a progression of wry tweets, Rahul had denounced that “Self ‘Dependence’ is clearly a basic part of Make in India”.

Ambani communicated his failure at Gandhi’s announcements, particularly in light of the fact that the Ambani and the Gandhi families shared an “aware relationship”.

“In any case, thinking about that my whole family and I, beginning with my regarded dad, late Padma Vishushan Dhirubhai Ambani, have had the benefit of getting a charge out of an extremely deferential association with the Gandhi family and additionally the Congress party for the past over four decades, these announcements have disheartened and harmed our notions,” composed Ambani.

Helping Rahul Gandhi to remember how his dad, with no formal training, assembled one of greatest undertakings on the planet, Anil Ambani stated: “Rahulji, my regarded dad, without the advantage of even formal instruction, significantly less any ‘experience’ or heritage, fabricated the world’s biggest incorporated petrochemicals and refinery complex here in India and occupied with remote ocean oil investigation on our shores, and as a visionary business person made one of India’s biggest endeavors.”

Completion the letter in Dhirubhai Ambani’s words, Anil Ambani stated: “You must be given a chance to perform. It’s not involvement but rather outlook, devotion and the reason, of a solid India that ought to draw in every one of us.”

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday once more assaulted the Narendra Modi government over the Rafale bargain push, in which the legislature has been blamed for picking Reliance Defense over state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd to profit the private firm however it didn’t have any involvement in the aviation part.

Document picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. PTIFile picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Propelling a blistering assault on the leader, Gandhi was cited by ANI as saying: “Modi had said I am the chowkidar of the country, so this chowkidar put the cash of youth and the aviation based armed forces in the pockets of Anil Ambani, who has an obligation of 45, 000 crore on him, much the same as Vijay Mallya .

Gandhi additionally scrutinized the administration, inquiring as to why HAL was denied the Rafale contract and the agreement was given over to Ambani’s Reliance Defense, a firm which Gandhi said was set up ten days preceding when the arrangement was made.


“HAL was given the Rafale contract to produce employments. HAL had 70 years of experience, Anil Ambani had 10 days,” Gandhi said.

rahul gandhi on anil ambani Prior in the day, the Congress president had tweeted, “To each Air Force officer and Jawan who has served India, to the group of each martyred Indian military pilot and each individual who at any point worked for HAL, we hear your agony. We see how you feel. We will convey to equity every one of the individuals who shamed and stole from you.”

Gandhi has been blaming the Modi government and the leader of enjoying comrade free enterprise other than damaging methods in the Rafale bargain.

On Monday, he had said the nation’s chowkidar (Modi) grabbed cash far from poor people and gave it over to industrialist Anil Ambani.

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rahul gandhi on anil ambani


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