Idea DND How to Activate Idea Do Not Disturb 2018 best way

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Is it true that you are additionally irritated Just like me??

Idea DND How to Activate Idea Do Not Disturb The Indian Telecom Industry has a huge number of supporters, that enable the buyers to speak with their friends and family by calling or informing. In the meantime, the telemarketing organizations make rash calls to buyers to offer their items and surge their inbox with special messages, which can be irritating at generally times. To handle this issue, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has thought of a remarkable arrangement called DO NOT DISTURB (DND) vault.

I know you are gettings loads of telephone calls and disturb your protection from these purported telecom organizations. As a matter of fact, they are profiting while you are tuning in to those weak Advertisement from Insurance, Offers, Plans, Credit Card and so on. You can utilize Do Not Disturb highlights to maintain a strategic distance from those calls.

Your Numbers are pitching to the greater part of the Advertisement organizations after that they begin calling you for various things.

I was likewise Victim of this sort of Shit. However, I have turned out to be more quick witted and utilized DND (Do Not Disturb).

What is DND (Do Not Disturb)?

I am here to Solve your most fundamental question. DND Do Not Disturb is directed by TRAI to guarantee that everybody motivates ideal to activate DND and dispose of those faltering promotions.

Idea DND How to Activate Idea Do Not Disturb 2018 best way

What is DND (Do Not Disturb)?

I am here to Solve your most basic query. DND Do Not Disturb is regulated by TRAI to ensure that everyone gets right to activate DND and get rid of those lame advertisements.

To stop receiving unwanted telemarketing calls and messages, you can register with your service provider’s Do No Disturb registry. The service provider will in turn register your number at the National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry within 45 days.

The NDNC Registry is a database having the list of all telephone numbers of the subscribers who do not want to receive commercial calls or SMS. Telemarketers have to verify the calling number list in the NDNC registry before making a call. So rest assured, the telemarketers will not trouble you else they will be fined for calling you By the Way you can also Activate DND and Easily able to live your life. Without any phone calls disturbs you again.


How to Activate Idea DND Service (Do Not Disturb) By SMS


SMS START<space>0 to 1909

How to Activate Idea DND Service (Do Not Disturb) By Call

You can Call on 1909

It is very simple and easy than you thought.

How to Activate Idea DND Service (Do Not Disturb) by Fields

Just like if you are working in some fields and wants to know about their offers then you can also Activate dnd in different fields sectors and deactivate dnd in others.

  • You can call 1909 (toll free) from your landline or mobile and select your preferences.
  • You can also register by SMS by sending START DND or START 0 to 1909.
If you choose to receive SMS on select categories or for partially blocked registration, you can send SMS in this format START<space><preference no> to 1909. There are 7 preference numbers to choose from:

  • START 0- Fully blocked
  • START 1- Banking, Insurance, Financial products and credit cards
  • START 2- Real Estate
  • START 3- Education
  • START 4- Health
  • START 5- Consumer goods and automobiles
  • START 6- Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT
  • START 7- Tourism and Leisure
For instance, type START 4 to 1909, if you want to receive messages only on HEALTH. You can also include more than one preference number like START 4,6 to receive messages for more than one preference.
Idea DND Sectors Activate DND Code
To block Banking, Insurance, Financial Products and Credit Cards related Calls and SMS SMS START 1 to 1909
To block Real Estate related Calls and SMS SMS START 2 to 1909
To block Educational related Calls and SMS SMS START 3 to 1909
To block Health-related Calls and SMS SMS START 4 to 1909
To block Consumer Goods and Automobiles related Calls and SMS SMS START 5 to 1909
To block Communication, IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting related Calls and SMS SMS START 6 to 1909
To block Tourism related Calls and SMS SMS START 7 to 1909

so above was How to Activate Idea Do Not Disturb dnd I am sure now you are already get rid of those calls. If you have any queries then you can comment below.



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